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Increased Monthly New Followers By 200% On LinkedIn

14x Higher Social Engagement Than the Industry Benchmark

Launched a Global Brand Ambassador Program

Advocate Feedback

I really enjoyed pulling this information together and feel it was worthwhile for myself as it will help me articulate the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of this important topic. It’s a great initiative that has benefits in many ways.

I’m very happy with both of these articles. It’s refreshing to see how my lengthy notes have been distilled down into something easily digestible...I’ll give them a 10 for saying it a little better for the audience they’re intended for, because you’ve managed to remove my academia way of saying it, which makes them more enjoyable.

The original article is better than anything I could put together myself. I love it because it strung together a coherent piece from my disjointed thoughts. The article captured my intention perfectly and the spirit I wanted for the piece!

The article explained what I wanted to say really well.

I am super excited about this opportunity. Thank you again! The article was a 10/10 - I liked it very much and I can't wait to publish my first ever article on Linkedin.

I'm 100% happy with this article, really appreciate being able to speak to you about my questions. Thanks again for the opportunity on this!

Really appreciate your help with pushing my article through - I'm happy with the final result.

This is a great opportunity to express my experience to people. I hope this help people who are looking to start their career or start planning their career.

I'm quite happy with my answers and the end result. This was a great experience!

Thank you for the help and support in writing and publishing my article in time for the New Year!

Thanks for including me! I've submitted my first answers and can't wait to share the final piece.

Extending our brand to recruitment is so important for our ongoing success. I want to make sure potential team mates know about the great work we are doing and the positive impact it is having on the community in general.

I am pleased to give 10/10 on the stellar job for my article, I feel all my inputs have been covered nicely.

Overall I'm really happy with this piece. I'm keen to start on my second article straight away.

My finished article looks great! Thanks again for jumping on the phone with me to work through those last questions - really appreciate it.

The technical content is articulated well and is in my voice, my content has been stitched together well.

Thanks for my new article. Wow your team were quick with this! The language in this speaks to me and can be easily understood - my clients will love it!

I couldn't have said this better myself I give my article a 10 and I can't wait to publish it!

I am really enjoying being able to share my thoughts and ideas and insights, I feel more valued as an employee being able to do this.

Customer Content

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Women in STEM: My Rewarding Career with Origin Energy


Three behaviours all great leaders possess

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Health, safety and the future of work

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How Good Design Supercharges the Customer Experience

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Building Strong Teams Across A Globally Distributed Workforce

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Growing My SCADA Engineering Career at CGI


A profile of the modern engineer

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Customer Experience

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Digitisation, digitalisation and digital transformation: Making sense of all things digital


Agile: Old but still misunderstood

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